(NHL) Calgary vs. Dallas, 08/13/2020 10:30 PM, Score: 4 - 5
Total: 5.00 | -127.00 Over
Bookmaker: SportsBetting
Result: Win
This is a 10* WEST-CONF PLAYOFF TOTAL OF THE MONTH on the OVER Flames/Stars.

Calgary jumped out to a 2-0 lead in Game 1, before Dallas then somehow managed two quick goals immediately afterwards. Calgary then got the winner in the third period and it would go on to hold for the 3-2 victory.

Dallas was only ranked 24th in the regular season on the offensive end of the ice and it looked terrible over its first three round robin games.

The Stars normally rely on their tough and gritty defensive play to create their offense, but Dallas is clearly now going to have to get out of its comfort zone and start trying to create opportunities, instead of waiting for the Flames to make a mistake.

Calgary is adaptable, in that it can play high-tempo, or lock down defensive, but with the Stars pushing the pace in my opinion here, I look for this total to fly well over before it's all said and done.

Good luck, NP