(NCAAF) Pittsburgh vs. Syracuse, 11/27/2021 7:30 PM, Score: 31 - 14
Point Spread: 13.00 | -110.00 Syracuse (Home)
Result: Loss
This is a 10* ACC SIDE OF THE YEAR on Syracuse.

Win or lose, Pittsburgh's already won the ACC Coastal Division title with a 9-2 record. It clinched in its 48-38 home win over VT last weekend. Kenny Pickett had 340 passing yards, four TD's and two INT's.

The Orange have been crushed in their last two games, falling by a combined score of 82-20. Am I suggesting that Garrett Schrader and the 5-6 Orange have a legitimate shot at winning this game outright?

No. The Panthers aren't going to lose this game, but I absolutely do feel that this spread is much too large. The Panthers are already looking ahead to the Conference title game, while Syraucse will be laying everything it has on the line here to try and pull off the upset.

Yes, Pittsburgh is the better team. Yes, it has the better offense. But the situation favors the Orange and this spread is just too large.

Grab the points, the play is SYRACUSE.

Good luck, NP