MLS - FC Dallas @ Sounders
(MLS) FC Dallas vs. Seattle Sounders FC, 08/02/2022 10:00 PM, Score: 0 - 1
Point Spread: 0.50 | 101.00 FC Dallas (Away)
Result: Loss
Arguably the wrong team is favored in this matchup, as the Sounders are the lower ranked team who haven't even defended home field well this year. The Sounders have won only 2 of the last 5 home matches, and the caliber of teams played were worse than the 4th seeded FC Dallas. I expect both teams to take this game as serious as possible, given the closeness in the standings. Because even though FC Dallas is 5 spots higher than Seattle, it's only by a margin of 2 Wins. I still think FC Dallas is the better team as of late, having only lost 3 of the last 10 games, and have only lost 1 of the last 5 away matches. At worst, this could end in a low scoring 1-1 draw, because both squads are stellar on defense, so let's take the FC Dallas +0.5 on the Asian Handicap.

Official Play: FC Dallas +0.5

Side Bet: FC Dallas to Score First