NCAAF - WKU @ Ohio State
(NCAAF) WKU vs. Ohio State, 09/16/2023 4:00 PM, Score: 10 - 63
Point Spread: -29.50 | -110.00 Ohio State (Home)
Result: Win
This has opened at WKU +28 and is now at +30 on some books. The jump on the spread has signaled to me that this is likely to get out of hand in favor of Ohio State at home. A GLARING mismatch in this game, is that WKU has yet to shown defensive superiority against inferior competition to that of Ohio States stature. If they are already allowing an average of 23 points through the first two weeks to weaker offenses, than Harrison Jr and company should put massive numbers up vs WKU in the air and on the ground overall. If Ohio state continues their defensive dominance at even 70%, this game should be a dominant win for Ohio State who will have their DBs tested largely with how many playmakers WKU has at WR and are very happy to use the entire game