Marc Lawrence
Marc Lawrence
Expert Handicapper
Marc is a veteran mainstay in the sports handicapping industry, having won more documented Top-10 handicapping achievement awards than anyone in the nation - including winning the STARDUST INVITATIONAL FOOTBALL INVITATIONAL in 2005. His award-winning Preferred Picks LTS Service has enjoyed documented winning football seasons in 12 of the past 14 season. He publishes the PLAYBOOK Football Preview Guide magazine - in its 30th year this season - and is heard on leading radio stations and podcasts all across the nation. In addition, Marc also authors a weekly NFL column from a Vegas perspective for the USA TODAY Sports Weekly. Through his many years of invaluable experience, Marc strives to inform players on how to achieve success while avoiding the pitfalls of sports betting. His primary style of handicapping is technical as he relies heavily on his proprietary database, while he also incorporates the other two primary forms of handicapping - fundamental and statistical - into his handicapping portfolio. A contrarian by nature, Marc loves ferreting out lives dogs that stand a good chance of winning the game. His “Woody Hayes” approach to handicapping is simple: Hayes’ contention was that when you pass the ball three things can happen, and two of them are bad. In the same vein, when you bet on a favorite three things can happen and two of them are bad. Hence, when you bet on a live dog three things can happen and two of them are good. Or, in the words of immortal rocker Meat Loaf, “Two Out Of Three Ain’t Bad” (actually it’s damn good). He’s been happily married to his high school sweetheart, Colleen, for better than 50 years. Additionally, Marc practices daily the highest standard of ethics in living his life by the Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.
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Last 10 Picks

(MLB) NY Yankees vs Boston, 06/15/2024 7:15 PM, Score: 4 : 8
Money Line: -171.00, NY Yankees (Away) Premium Loss
(MLB) San Diego vs NY Mets, 06/14/2024 7:10 PM, Score: 1 : 2
Money Line: -104.00, San Diego (Away) Premium Loss
(MLB) Pittsburgh vs St. Louis, 06/13/2024 2:15 PM, Score: 3 : 4
Money Line: -110.00, Pittsburgh (Away) Premium Loss
(NBA) Boston vs Dallas, 06/12/2024 8:30 PM, Score: 106 : 99
Point Spread: -2.00 | -105.00, Dallas (Home) Premium Loss
(NBA) Boston vs Dallas, 06/12/2024 8:30 PM, Score: 106 : 99
Point Spread: -2.50 | -108.00, Dallas (Home) Premium Loss
(MLB) Houston vs San Francisco, 06/12/2024 3:45 PM, Score: 3 : 5
Money Line: -113.00, San Francisco (Home) Premium Win
(MLB) Oakland vs San Diego, 06/10/2024 9:40 PM, Score: 1 : 6
Total: 7.00 | 102.00, Under Premium Push
(NBA) Dallas vs Boston, 06/09/2024 8:00 PM, Score: 98 : 105
Point Spread: 7.00 | -109.00, Dallas (Away) Premium Push
(MLB) Milwaukee vs Detroit, 06/08/2024 4:10 PM, Score: 5 : 4
Money Line: -159.00, Milwaukee (Away) Premium Win
(MLB) Minnesota vs NY Yankees, 06/06/2024 7:05 PM, Score: 5 : 8
Money Line: -132.00, NY Yankees (Home) Premium Win