Marc’s 4* NCAA Tournament Saturday Night Crush Play - Saturday
(NCAAB) Princeton vs. Missouri, 03/18/2023 6:10 PM, Score: 78 - 63
Point Spread: -6.50 | -110.00 Missouri (Home)
Result: Loss
Play - Missouri (Game 814).
Edges - Tigers: 3-0 ATS in this tourney versus foes coming off a SU underdog win; and 4-0 outright versus Ivy League foes … Princeton Tigers: No. 13 or worse seeded dogs coming off three-plus wins are 4-21-1 ATS in the second round of the NCAA tournament; and Ivy League teams are 0-4 ATS in the second round of the NCAA tourney when coming off an opening round win as a dog of 5 or more points… We seal this deal with this from our powerful database as tells us to: Play Against any .600 or greater NCAA tourney team in Round Two coming off conference tourney SUATS in both its semifinal and championship games if they won their NCAA tournament opening round game as a dog of 7 or more points and beat the spread by more than 10 points in the victory. That’s because these teams are 0-20-1 ATS in this role since 1990. … With that, we recommend a strong 4* play on Missouri. Thank you and good luck as always.

> If you enjoyed Marc’s 15-0 ATS NCAA Tourney Upset Special last night with Florida Atlantic over Memphis, then get ready for another NCAA Tourney Upset Special Saturday afternoon. It’s back with winning angles in today’s game that are 18-0 ATS in this tournament, and best of all it’s locked and loaded - don’t miss out!

**Selection ratings are:
1* free play,
2* quality opinion play,
3* top quality selection,
4* top quality strong selection,
5* top quality exceptional selection,
10* top quality highest rated selection.
Note: the majority of top selections appear on Marc’s Preferred Picks Executive LTS Service.