(NFL) San Francisco vs. LA Rams, 09/17/2023 4:05 PM, Score: 30 - 23
Point Spread: 8.50 | -117.00 LA Rams (Home)
Result: Win
This is a 10* NFC WEST GOW on the Rams.

They say that divisional matchups are always the most important and that they almost always mean more to the home side.

And that's the case here. Both teams looked good in their openers, but I just feel that San Francisco is getting too much respect here vs. an underrated Rams side.

LA looked good on both ends of the field in its 30-13 win at Seattle. The 49ers also looked dominant in their 30-7 win at Pittsburgh.

Now another big favorite on the road for a second week, I think San Francisco will be less explosive here.

Combined with the fact that I think the Rams are for sure being undervalued by the oddsmakers, the correct call for me in this matchup is indeed on LA.

Good luck, NP